In the 1980s, after more than a hundred years’ experience gained in the production of their Ferrari Trentodoc, the Lunellis decided to link their own name to a range of still wines made from grapes grown in the family’s vineyards on the slopes of the high hills surrounding Trento. Here, at between 350 and 600 metres above sea level, the climate, characterized by significant differences between day- and night-time temperatures, provides ideal conditions for developing a broad array of fragrances and flavours. The resulting products are fascinating, mature and long-lived, and express all the richness and vitality of a region that is ideal for wine production.



Villa Margon, which takes its name from the splendid sixteenth century complex where the Lunelli Group entertains its guests, and Pietragrande, the most recently launched of the Trentino wines, are expressions of Chardonnay and of the family’s long experience with this variety. Maso Montalto, which comes from one of the family’s historic vineyards, overlooked by a wall of rock over a thousand metres high, is a perfect example of the elegance of Pinot Nero grown at high altitude.



Via del Ponte, 17
38123 Ravina (TN)
Trentino, Italy
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Special opening days
Easter Sunday and Monday, 26th June, the week of 15th August, 31st October and 1st and 2nd November.