Tenuta Podernovo is a splendid vine-covered hill in the commune of Terricciola, within the up-and-coming, high-quality wine zone of the colline pisane, just few km far from the Tuscan Coast. The particular geographical position and the composition of the soil – rich in sand and fossil deposits – create a microclimate with ideal conditions for vine-growing. Wine has long been and continues to be of historical and cultural importance for the area, representing as it does an element of continuity, from the Etruscans to the present day.

The winery has been constructed with total respect for the morphology of the site and with particular attention to the conservation of the surrounding landscape: this goal has been reached thanks to the use of local stone, obtained from the countryside nearby, as well as the use of colours that are in perfect harmony with the environment.



Next to the winery there is a magnificent complex of late eighteenth century rural buildings in typical Tuscan style, which has been recently restored and transformed into exclusive apartments that offer guests an unforgettable stay in this enchanting and peaceful spot. The wines made at Tenuta Podernovo are Teuto, which matures for 20 months in large oak casks and highlights the zone’s natural vocation for producing a very elegant version of Sangiovese, and Aliotto, made from a blend of 60% Sangiovese together with Cabernet, Merlot and other local grapes. Both display an elegant tannic vein, well-balanced fruit and a finish of ingratiating intensity. The last release of Tenuta Podernovo is Auritea, a pure Cabernet Franc. All three wines have an elegant tannic texture, a balanced structure and a final of persuasive intensity: distinctive signature of this Estate.



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