Ziggurat 2017 e Auritea 2016 win “Tre bicchieri” ratings from Gambero Rosso

Ziggurat 2017 e Auritea 2016 win “Tre bicchieri” ratings from Gambero Rosso

Gambero Rosso has revealed in advance the Tre Bicchieri Awards it will give in its 2020 Wine Guide, confirming its positive appraisal for Ziggurat from Tenuta Castelbuono (this time from the 2017 vintage) and – this is the real news this year – also giving its highest rating to the most recent release from the Lunelli Estates, Auritea 2016 from Podernovo in Tuscany.

The Ziggurat Montefalco D.O.C 2017, which combines the power of Sagrantino with the elegance of Sangiovese, is very well-balanced on both the nose and palate and succeeds in expressing to the full the strength and authenticity that are typical characteristics of Umbria and its wines. After 12 months’ maturation in barriques and tonneaux and at least 6 months in the bottle, Ziggurat is a wine that will undoubtedly stand up to considerable ageing.

The 2017 vintage stands out thanks to the input of Luca D’Attoma, the celebrated oenologist who has been working with the Lunelli family for some years now, and who has also helped create the latest wine from the Lunelli Estates, Auritea, produced at the family’s Tuscan property, Podernovo.

Having made its debut in the market only last year, the Auritea Costa Toscana I.G.T. was launched with the ambition of becoming one of Italy’s great wines. Made from 100% Cabernet Franc, it owes its name to the type of fossil shell that has been present for millions of years in the soils of the Estate, and which gives the wine a very particular mineral quality. The grapes for Auritea grow specifically in Podernovo’s Olmo vineyard, on a hill with a unique position (given its easterly exposition), microclimate (thanks to the cool sea breezes that refresh the hot days of summer) and – as just mentioned – composition of the soil.